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it's something you can't buy around here - i'll never get out of this world alive
it's something you can't buy around here
Yesterday was school. Nothing happened in classes because it was a pep rally day. I photographed the pep rally for yearbook, including an amusing photo or two of Lucas. I miss him. We held hands platonically and discussed the gory details of our lives as of late. Haha.

After school, I got a haircut with my dad and then Dad, Andy, and I went to Eat'n Park. Andy stayed the night and we slept quite cozily in my room, although it was awfully fucking hot and stuffy up there, even with the windows open. I hope it gets cold SOON.

Today Andy and Paul were having band practice and there was no one around to hang out with Sarah, so I took her to breakfast at Herring's and to Target. Then we played video games at the Howell house. It was quite fun. Sarah's awesome.

Now I'm just bored and lazy. Watching City Confidential (lulz). Goodnight.
it's a hectic world