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a token for a token - i'll never get out of this world alive
a token for a token
I woke up today and I felt like crap--I'm definitely coming down with something or other. Since I knew I wasn't going to do anything important today at school, and felt that a day of rest might help to ward off coming disease, I asked my dad if I could stay home. Somehow, it turned into an argument. He didn't want me to stay home today, but he thinks it's okay if I skip Monday, without regard to my feelings of wellness or whatever. I don't understand his logic. I won't be able to do that anyway if I have a test or big assignment due. It'd be a good day to skip (Andy's birthday!), but I wish a.) that I had a good reason, and b.) that he'd present logical arguments. Etc.

I actually still feel pretty terrible. School was boring, again, except basically for English class. Comparative politics would be interesting if I were actually awake for it. Otherwise, I got nothin', and I really fucking need some sleep.

mood: blah blah
music: smashing pumpkins - geek usa

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je_dors From: je_dors Date: October 3rd, 2007 03:28 am (UTC) (permalink)
renenber tgat tune tgat we nade yo a kabgyage abd cakked ut oycjusg> byt tgeb we ciykdb;t agree ib cgabged oybcgtyatuib, U stukk kuje tge weurd oynctyatuib, Tgus kabgyage kiijs kuje weksg ir sintgubg eqyakkt weurd as fycj,
1 | it's a hectic world