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i'll never get out of this world alive
Today I went to breakfast, and went shopping for "work clothes": khaki pants and solid-color polo shirts. Then I went to my cousin Lexxi's birthday party. All the kids were being insane, but there was a baby, a boy named Michael. The parents needed a minute to eat so I gave the baby its bottle. Listen: babies are awesome. Highlight of my day!

My mom is leaving at 4AM for the beach. I just had to drive out to her apartment to give her her cell phone and I'm basically in the process of passing out because I AM EXHAUSTED.

I also ended up getting today, in addition to work clothes, a complete edition of Civilization III with all the expansion packs. It was something like $13.50. I'm going to see if I can get it to work on my dad's older PC. The one that is currently under my bed. That I have to drag down the stairs. Even though I am tired as hell. Whatever, it's only like 9:00. I shouldn't be so tired anyway.
it's a hectic world
I got the job, as far as I know. I have orientation Monday at 4:15. Today, I hung out with my mom at the mall and bought some nondescript comfortable shoes to wear to work. I'm gettin' geared up.

I also got a new phone because mine had stopped working. They gave me another Razr (ICK), except it's pink, because that's the only color they had and I needed a phone.

Now I'm watching Doctor Who and it's way too badass for words.
it's a hectic world
So, yesterday Paul and Danielle told me that they need people badly at Panera Bread. They told me that since I know two good people who work there, I'll basically be hired instantly. Nepotism is generally the best way to get hired in this town, of course. So, Mistah Andrew and I went to pick Paul up from work. I filled out an application and had an interview in the space of about 20 minutes. I have another interview tomorrow at 4:00 with a manager--the guy I talked to today was just a guy; his name was Chris. It was way easier than the interview I had at Eat'n Park. I get less nervous in spur-of-the-moment situations. When I have time to think about things like this, I end up on the verge of a breakdown.

I'm staying with my mom tonight. . .because next week, apparently, she's going on a vacation to the beach. She's been going on a lot of vacations since her *cough* divorce. I think it's good for her.

In comparative gov, we're finally out of the vocabulary/theory section and into actual countries, which I think will be easier to understand as well as easier to outline. I'm happy! I'm also happy about my AP Lit long-term research assignment, because it's. . .reading books and writing essays about them. Two things I'm extremely good at! Happy happy happy.

Andy, on the other hand, having trouble at school. They won't give him his culinary certificate because of a computer error that erased his grades from like two years ago. (Fuckin' WCCC.) He has to re-take some tests and he's really pissed/disappointed about it. But I'm still so proud of him for doing so well. Poor kid.

I need gas in my car or else I won't be able to make it to that interview. I also need to buy some khaki pants and polo shirts. Y'know, for when I get hired. Hopefully.

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music: mr. bungle - vanity fair

5 | it's a hectic world
Today I finally get some fucking relaxation. No real homework, no nothing. I went to Andy's and we finally got some time to sit down together alone and actually talk about our lives, instead of running around like idiots all day. All we'd basically done for the past couple of weeks was watch Doctor Who and eventually make out. It was relatively unremarkable, like we were blank people. I feel much better now. Not to blather on about my relationship or anything. . .

Comparative gov test today was wicked; my outline was terrible and I will probably lose points on it. I also suck at AP-style multiple choice tests on literature. I think their analyzation of tone is really ambiguous. Hopefully my essays will be awesome enough to bring up mediocre grades.

I want to get to bed on time today. . .shit.
it's a hectic world

Went to school, was sleepy, photographed golf, saw Andy.

Something has to change in my life. I feel like I'm living in some kind of crazy, unhappy movie that's on fast-forward. School is the problem--it's making me seriously unhappy. I like English class a lot and I don't mind trig at all, but otherwise I kind of want to scream.

I hope things change soon. Really I just need a day where I can lie down and think and do absolutely nothing. Just one day to really clear my head. Andy wants one, too. I think we should schedule one together. I can skip school, he'll have off work, and we can just lie down in bed and talk and do absolutely nothing else.

3 | it's a hectic world
Today was a senior skip day, so school=nothing interesting at all, except I was really sleepy, etc.

Tomorrow I have to go photograph the golf team and I basically have no idea what's going on with that. I'll be in charge of thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment, I have to find the golf course in question, and I have to get decent photographs. . .these challenges are scary to me.

I applied to the University of Pittsburgh today. More to follow in the same vein (Emerson, Pratt, etc.) hopefully with some success.

I guess just keep on keepin' on.
1 | it's a hectic world
Today, I picked Andy up at work and we went to Fairchance for his grandma's 80th birthday. This is his grandma on his mom's side, who I'd never met before. She's had a few strokes, so she has a very small collection of words that she can say, but she laughs a lot and she appreciates a good joke. I had a good time with everyone.

Andy has this awesome game for the PS2 called Bully. We've been kicking ass on it for the past couple of days, but still have less than 50% of the stuff completed. The last mission I got was to take incriminating photos of the head cheerleader at the school where the game takes place. I got too close to her in the showers, though, and she freaked out. I failed that one. Andy will probably have it beat by the night's end. I'll have to see when I go to his house tomorrow after school. . .

Speaking of that, tomorrow is school. . .there's a lot going on there. I don't want to talk about it.

it's a hectic world
Today was foggy for me. I spent the night at Andy's last night, got breakfast with him, and then came home because there was no sense in him coming home with me due to work. I miss him. I do too much school stuff and he works too much and then we have no time alone. I hate it.

I went to the thrift stores and got stuff. Yay.

I also took a nap and watched TV with my dad. I feel like a lazy fuck.
it's a hectic world
In the news:
- I was voted "Most Intelligent" of my senior class, along with Ian Brooks.
- In November I'm going to some "World Affairs Conference" thing in Pittsburgh with Stan Wang. Apparently we're going to discuss China.
- Pulling out onto Fayette Street by the Canton when Uniontown High School is dismissing is the worst, most frightening thing to ever happen to me.
- I'm attending a football game tonight. Woo? I'm gonna bring the love for my good friend Lucas of the defensive line. I want to see him throw some bitches down.
- It's hot.

3 | it's a hectic world
I guess I forgot to write here yesterday because my days have been pretty repetitive as far as school goes. Class, panicking about the amount of projects I always seem to have, thinking about college, thinking about going home to sleep, blah blah blah.

I was supposed to go to Chinese with Mike Morris after AP comparative gov tutoring, but he didn't come to school yesterday. :(

I still have tons to do. Once a slacker, always a slacker.
1 | it's a hectic world
So. . .one year with Andy. It's been fun. I look forward to another. Our relationship has gotten to be quite unbelievably good over the past year, after all the uncertainty/childishness of the first two or three months. Things are good, things are fun. Love, happiness, etc.

We were going to have dinner at the DiMaio Sisters, but they changed their hours all of a sudden, so we weren't able. Instead we went to Red Lobster. Cheesy biscuits, etc.

I really feel as if I'm not getting enough sleep lately. I don't have the drive to do homework until late, and then I get paranoid about my piece-of-shit cell phone failing to wake me up in the morning, so I end up rolling out of bed at quarter to five to make sure it's still on. It's really quite miserable. I don't know why I do this. I'm kind of hoping that one day it does turn off and I can sleep in and skip school. Hopefully this is not the day of any important test, but I hope it happens on some dreadfully motherfucking cold day as a nice surprise so I can sit up in bed with tea and lots of books ALL DAY.


I have shit to do. Ew.
it's a hectic world
Man. . .I'm not into this.

I have some essays to write (which should be relatively easy) and then I have to upload them and send them off to institutions of higher learning! I have some time, of course, before early action deadlines. I will, however, probably get my application to Pitt in by the end of this week.

I should be feeling pretty good. I turned in my job application to Adrian's today. I sold a yearbook ad to A&B Auto. However, I mostly feel shitty because of outlining I need to do for school, a complicated situation with my school-issued TI-83+, and the fact that I ducked out of photographing the golf team for yearbook tomorrow due to my anniversary with Andy. I probably should have gone. . .I have the page with Liz and she could have showed me how to use the school's camera well, I bet, but. . .she said she'd get someone else. I feel guilty.

Maybe things will be better if I sleep on all this.

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music: the beatles - norwegian wood

3 | it's a hectic world
Today was a-okay. I woke up, I procrastinated, I went to Target, I finished my art/zine project for English class. Andy came over and we went to visit Seth at his new apartment, which was incredibly nice. We had some yummy pseudo-Mexican food with him and about six of his friends. Watched Fulci's Zombi 2 and yelled over the whole thing. I wanted to pick up some Quiznos on the way home, but they were closed for the night even at 8:45, it being Sunday. Someday I'll go back that way. . .

I'm going to have to marathon-outline for history class this week. Oh well!
3 | it's a hectic world
Today I decided that I had to get up extra early and go to Target, for some reason. I got some photos back from the developers and bought black ink for my printer, because I'm gonna need it.

It's some fuckin' pea coat weather out there, man.

I've decided that I want a smart Car.

Tomorrow, I'm going homework, and then later in the evening possibly visiting Seth and Joe at their apartment. Apparently it's "Mexican Night."

I'm getting frustrated/bored/angry here in Fayette County. Ick.
6 | it's a hectic world

Best (late) birthday present ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe I actually own this, hahahahahaha.

I just watched the new Doctor Who episode, too. omgwtf

it's a hectic world

Uh-oh. Looks like we're cooking.
what are we making?!Collapse )


Today was okay. I was busy cooking so I didn't do my homework. I feel shitty, but. . .I'm working on it.
7 | it's a hectic world
Oh yes, it is getting quite chilly outside. I like it.

I'm trying to write an essay and I really don't have anything to report, except that I went to Andy's after school, hung out, came home, had tomato soup with grilled cheese, and sat on my ass.

I procrastinate so much.
it's a hectic world
Today I noticed that the weather is getting chillier! I can't wait for fall--I love the changing seasons. Summer is the only season I really eventually get sick of. Winter is the one that most people are vocal about, but it's the summer and the humidity we get where I live that really get to me. I hate the filth that accumulates on your body and having to put your hair up to make way for the giant rivers of sweat creating deluge all over your body.

My high school is implementing an incredibly annoying new bell schedule. We now have our homeroom after fourth period. This is because they made some immensely stupid adjustments to the Vo-Tech students' schedules. Before, tech kids went to the tech school for a semester, and then came back to the school for the second semester. Now they have a half day at tech and a half day at the school all year. They were having "problems with attendance", so now they have to upset everybody's shit. Vo-Tech kids don't even like the new way. My class is really lucky--we're just missing all of the half-assed reforms that my school keeps trying to implement. The way they coddle freshmen now is just insane, for example. LH is such a fucking joke. The new bell schedule begins tomorrow!!!! YAY

Today I wasted time, just as I did yesterday. . .I didn't even do my math review sheet. Crap. But my ongoing projects for school include history outlining and an art project for English class that I, for some reason, get to do on The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac. I also have to read/highlight some stuff from a literary criticism about Hardy's Return of the Native. But whatever. . .I'm always such a lazy fuck.

Blah blah blah. Next week I'm sending in my college application to Pitt and probably to Emerson. Maybe to Pratt. CMU and Penn can wait. They seem way too prestigious for me anyway.

jgklfjgldksjgldsfj bye
1 | it's a hectic world
Today was pretty blah. I got a 39.5/40 on my first comparative gov quiz. I was sleepy. I was expecting things to happen that just didn't work out. I was also really hyper, for some reason. I felt that it was difficult just to do little simple things. Etc. etc. etc.

Shower time.
2 | it's a hectic world
Last night I got to Eat'n Park with Seth and Joe. It was really fun, yet exhausting.

Sunday. . .ick. My dad and I went to the Route 40 Diner, and then I came to my mom's and wasted a shitload of time. Andy came over to watch some Doctor Who. It was from season 2. I made a new icon (seen on this post) from season 3, because Martha is so much cooler than Rose.

Then we played Scrabble with my mom. Twice! Mom won, then I won. Andy has bad luck with letters. :(

Tomorrow is school. I have done a poor job of completing homework and other various obligations. Yay.

it's a hectic world