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absolutely brimming with something strange - i'll never get out of this world alive
absolutely brimming with something strange
FUCK. My grandma just brought me a semi-waterlogged envelope from the University of Pittsburgh, postmarked on THE NINTH OF OCTOBER. She said, "Oh, this was out on the table underneath the gazebo. You really have to start reading your mail!" SHE IS THE ONE WHO TAKES THE MAIL OUT OF THE BOX AND PUTS IT IN STRANGE PLACES. It's been out there for a fucking week! IT'S MY ACCEPTANCE LETTER FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. I check the mailbox every day only to find that she's bogarted the contents and scattered them haphazardly all along our stretch of Furnace Road. Who knows where I'll find my mail next?!?!?!?! She gets on my nerves so fucking much sometimes. I've been waiting for that letter. SHIT.

So yeah. I got accepted to Pitt. I'm glad about that at all, because at least I know that I have a place to go regardless of anything else that might happen. (If I keep my grades up, that is, but I don't think that'll be a problem.) Nevertheless my pleasure is washed out by a certain amount of rage and annoyance.

At school, they're trying to implement a mentoring program. We meet with our mentors every nine weeks during a scheduled activity period. It's kind of dumb. Obviously the intention is to create a friendly environment of students and teachers who might not meet otherwise--you know, more connections, good for growing up. I get the feeling that it's a little bit pointless--freshmen and underclassmen got enough random socializing with their "Freshman Seminar" class (which was thankfully implemented the year I became a sophomore), and the middle school and elementary schools have been doing a lot more general brainwashing since I passed through with stuff along these themes--goal-setting, career choosing, time management, peer pressure, dealing with stress, etc. Plus, the meetings are ridiculously infrequent, so there isn't a whole lot of time to build trust between the people in the group. Not to mention that kids are really too jaded to value it. Basically, I think it'll fail. The end.

Oh, and I didn't write yesterday because school was boring and I had to go to work. I've been having olfactory hallucinations about Panera; have I mentioned that? I hate smelling salad dressing and old coffee randomly all day.

I have lots of things to do and I'm very tired/reluctant.

Tomorrow, Andy, Paul, Danielle, and I are going to IHoP in Morgantown. Woo!
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jupi_chan From: jupi_chan Date: October 18th, 2007 10:12 pm (UTC) (permalink)
...You do realize that if/when you go to Pitt, we must party. (The main campus, I mean...)
elyria19 From: elyria19 Date: October 19th, 2007 11:46 pm (UTC) (permalink)
Congrats on Pitt. A bunch of people at my school just got accepted too, and I mean it's a pretty excellent school. I'll probably be applying there myself, though I really rather get out of the town where I've lived all my life..
rogue_explorer From: rogue_explorer Date: October 20th, 2007 03:58 am (UTC) (permalink)
I'd rather get out of this entire corner of Pennsylvania. But the low cost of living in Pittsburgh is so tempting. Two bedroom apartments in Pittsburgh often equal the cost of a single room with a bed in Boston. I'll actually be able to live on my own and work there without dying. Plus Pitt the cheapest of any school I plan on applying to. Financially, it's a wet dream, but I'm eager to break out, y'know?
3 | it's a hectic world