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i'll never get out of this world alive
So yeah, I'm in the process of setting up a new journal account. I decided that I didn't want to wait to do it.

I have to go to work very soon. Grossness.
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Today I turned in a lot of work that I completed in a completely half-assed, noncommittal way.

I want to start a new LiveJournal account soon. . .and start writing in a different way, more significantly, less bullshitty. But I kind of want to hold out with this one for awhile. Once I find out what college I'm going to. That sounds like a good transition point.

Still working, still keepin' on. . .

I don't work tomorrow, but I work Thursday.

Andy's band has a gig at Rich's Farm tomorrow, but I don't think I'll be going.

Mom, Dad, and I are visiting Boston, either on the 17th of November, or the 8th of December. Can't wait!
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Things are basically TEH GHEYZ right now. I have had a lot of schoolwork to do, as well as college applications to finish. I haven't done my math homework in a long-ass time, nor my anatomy--not that it matters, because I have time. I'm just kind of wiped out, y'know? I've been getting teacher recommendations, doing supplements. . .blah blah blah. I don't even care about Carnegie Mellon anymore, though I am applying there anyway. . .I just want to get into Emerson and that's about it.

I also wish it were fucking die-if-you-stay-outside cold. Stupid goddamn planet.

I don't know what else to say.

Looks like I wrote this entry last night and forgot to post it. Whoa.
it's a hectic world
Today, all I did was get breakfast and go to work, and get really behind in doing all of my British government stuff.

I have to submit my Emerson app by the end of the week. Woo.

Bye, essay to write.
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I just got back from Morgantown, and Morgantown is a fun place. Andy and Paul kept rolling down the windows and screaming "HEYYYYYY GET A ROOOOOOM" to people walking on the street. GOOD TIMES. And IHoP, etc, chocolate chip pancakes and sausage!

30 Days of Night is a really neat movie. We saw that there, too. Highly recommended. Best horror movie in quite some time, in my opinion.

I'm tired, bye.
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FUCK. My grandma just brought me a semi-waterlogged envelope from the University of Pittsburgh, postmarked on THE NINTH OF OCTOBER. She said, "Oh, this was out on the table underneath the gazebo. You really have to start reading your mail!" SHE IS THE ONE WHO TAKES THE MAIL OUT OF THE BOX AND PUTS IT IN STRANGE PLACES. It's been out there for a fucking week! IT'S MY ACCEPTANCE LETTER FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. I check the mailbox every day only to find that she's bogarted the contents and scattered them haphazardly all along our stretch of Furnace Road. Who knows where I'll find my mail next?!?!?!?! She gets on my nerves so fucking much sometimes. I've been waiting for that letter. SHIT.

So yeah. I got accepted to Pitt. I'm glad about that at all, because at least I know that I have a place to go regardless of anything else that might happen. (If I keep my grades up, that is, but I don't think that'll be a problem.) Nevertheless my pleasure is washed out by a certain amount of rage and annoyance.

At school, they're trying to implement a mentoring program. We meet with our mentors every nine weeks during a scheduled activity period. It's kind of dumb. Obviously the intention is to create a friendly environment of students and teachers who might not meet otherwise--you know, more connections, good for growing up. I get the feeling that it's a little bit pointless--freshmen and underclassmen got enough random socializing with their "Freshman Seminar" class (which was thankfully implemented the year I became a sophomore), and the middle school and elementary schools have been doing a lot more general brainwashing since I passed through with stuff along these themes--goal-setting, career choosing, time management, peer pressure, dealing with stress, etc. Plus, the meetings are ridiculously infrequent, so there isn't a whole lot of time to build trust between the people in the group. Not to mention that kids are really too jaded to value it. Basically, I think it'll fail. The end.

Oh, and I didn't write yesterday because school was boring and I had to go to work. I've been having olfactory hallucinations about Panera; have I mentioned that? I hate smelling salad dressing and old coffee randomly all day.

I have lots of things to do and I'm very tired/reluctant.

Tomorrow, Andy, Paul, Danielle, and I are going to IHoP in Morgantown. Woo!
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I feel awesome altogether today because I didn't go to work. I was also feelin' awesome because school didn't bother me and I got to stuff my face at Olive Garden with the wonderful Andrew J. Howell. I also get to be at my mommy's house, which is always cute. Back to work tomorrow. Ew. But then I'm off for the next two days!

I'm behind in a lot of things:
- outlining for comparative politics
- doing an essay for comparative politics about the British Labour party vs. Tories and their views about. . .stuff. . .I've had weeks to do it, now it's due on Monday, and I haven't even started. I don't doubt myself that much, I just really don't feel like doing it.
- scanning photographs/updating my website/getting photographs developed
- being creative in general

Oh--and I don't get paid until the 31st because they keep your first pay at Panera. I was just talking to Elton briefly on the phone about it and he says that this practice came pretty universally to Pennsylvania when he was in high school (i.e. late sixties, early seventies). I don't know about the rest of the country/world. On one hand it makes me wait for my $$$. But on the other, it means that the first check is going to be rather large.

I guess I have some things to do before my big day tomorrow.

I wish I had a job typing things. I type really fast. And no salad dressing or gross soup would be involved. I can't guarantee a lack of participation from yuppies and upper-middle-class jerk-offs, though.

Reading The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland. I'm one of those sheep who generally loves everything he writes. It's convoluted in its narrative, but I like it anyway. I like convoluted narrative sometimes, what can I say?

Time to actually do something worthwhile. Maybe.
it's a hectic world
Listen: having dining room duty at Panera on a Sunday morning is basically a death sentence.

I think this job is killing my brain. I feel lost and sad.
it's a hectic world
Yesterday was a good day. School was kind of fun, and work didn't suck that badly. I stayed at Andy's because I didn't feel like going home. In the morning, we took Sarah to breakfast. Pretty boring.

I have to go to work again now and I can't wait to get home.
it's a hectic world
I missed school again today because my mom wanted to take me to the doctor. It turns out that I have a common viral infection of the throat. Chicken soup was recommended. Back to school (and work) tomorrow. It's actually kind of shitty.

I really need to stop missing school.
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Stupid Panera Bread. . .making my first day of work miserable.

It was just so busy and I hate working around food in general. I had to take care of the dining room, which meant picking up dirty dishes, wiping tables, etc. It wasn't that bad, it was just. . .uncomfortable. I felt kind of lost. And sick. And unhappy. I wish I worked in an office. Or even in retail. Andy and my mom said to give it a week, and see if it doesn't get easier. Andy even thinks that I should look for another job if I still hate it after a week. I don't know about that. I may never like working around people's half-eaten salads, but I don't think it's good form to leave a job so soon. If I hate it to the point that I can't stand it, I'll stay until after Christmas sometime. If I hate it a little and they keep working me four days in a row, I'll probably stay until April. And if it actually does get better and I don't mind it, I'll work until I move away for college.

Plus, though I'm off tomorrow, I work four days in a row after that. I stay until close on three of those days. Apparently people have been saying that I'll be a good worker. OH HELL.

Booooooo. Bedtime.
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So I'm sick. Fever, etc.


it's a hectic world
Today was so unnecessarily fucking hot. I didn't go to school today. . .I celebrated Andy's 22nd birthday. We went to the India Garden in Monroeville, as well as the Monroeville Goodwill and the Monroeville Mall. And the thing is. . .after taking that day off to spend quality time with Dad, boyfriend, and televisions playing Bollywood in restaurants, I think illness is actually catching up with me. My head feels heavy, I'm achy all over, and my throat is dry and scratchy. Plus I can feel mucus globules in my chest. WOOOO.

Tomorrow I have to go to school though, because I obviously fucked up today, in a way, even though I had a fabulous time.

I need to take a shower. . .and seriously get to bed.
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Yesterday was school. Nothing happened in classes because it was a pep rally day. I photographed the pep rally for yearbook, including an amusing photo or two of Lucas. I miss him. We held hands platonically and discussed the gory details of our lives as of late. Haha.

After school, I got a haircut with my dad and then Dad, Andy, and I went to Eat'n Park. Andy stayed the night and we slept quite cozily in my room, although it was awfully fucking hot and stuffy up there, even with the windows open. I hope it gets cold SOON.

Today Andy and Paul were having band practice and there was no one around to hang out with Sarah, so I took her to breakfast at Herring's and to Target. Then we played video games at the Howell house. It was quite fun. Sarah's awesome.

Now I'm just bored and lazy. Watching City Confidential (lulz). Goodnight.
it's a hectic world
I just bought a t-shirt that says, "The angels have the phone box."

Doctor Who fangirl FTW.
it's a hectic world
I talked to Panera this afternoon. I work on the 10th from five until close at nine. Woo?

I'm just being lazy right now, though. And hungry. Another day, another day. . .
it's a hectic world

Most school days are the same, in case you hadn't noticed, and all I do here is complain about my tiredness and whatnot. It really isn't the most interesting thing.

I worked on some supplements to my various applications today. The only thing really left is to write some essays. I e-mailed colleges to ask if they accepted transfer credits from Cal U but they don't (with the exception of Pitt--but I already applied there), so I don't need to get another transcript from them. The process should go smoothly. We're doing a workshop on college application essays in English (woo)--so I'm bringing one of mine for Emerson in to work on. Actually, I better go print that out--and go to bed.
it's a hectic world
I woke up today and I felt like crap--I'm definitely coming down with something or other. Since I knew I wasn't going to do anything important today at school, and felt that a day of rest might help to ward off coming disease, I asked my dad if I could stay home. Somehow, it turned into an argument. He didn't want me to stay home today, but he thinks it's okay if I skip Monday, without regard to my feelings of wellness or whatever. I don't understand his logic. I won't be able to do that anyway if I have a test or big assignment due. It'd be a good day to skip (Andy's birthday!), but I wish a.) that I had a good reason, and b.) that he'd present logical arguments. Etc.

I actually still feel pretty terrible. School was boring, again, except basically for English class. Comparative politics would be interesting if I were actually awake for it. Otherwise, I got nothin', and I really fucking need some sleep.

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Today = boring at school.

I went to orientation, failing to go home and hear a message on the answering machine from Panera telling me that orientation was cancelled because they'd run out of orientation paperwork packets. Yeah.

I went to Andy's. He had practice with his band so I played with Sarah. We threw a softball around and then laid down in the grass and watched leaves blow. It was really fun.


I should probably take a shower and go to bed now. Andy is still here though. We're watching Star Trek with my dad and eating spiced caramels. Earlier we went to Wal-Mart and watched people. That was fun, too. Of course.

Time for. . .stuff.
it's a hectic world
Today = blah. Cold and sleepy. I went to breakfast at Fiddle's with my dad, and then went to Target to buy Andy's birthday presents for next Monday.

In the living room here, I have a somewhat geeky setup. I have my laptop plugged in because my dad still hasn't fixed the Internet upstairs, and I have the PC set up so I can play Civ. So I can use two computers simultaneously while sitting on the couch. It's awesome, actually. If you're into sloth.

Tomorrow I have school, and orientation at Panera. Yeah. I wish I could skip school. . .I'm waiting for the perfect day.
it's a hectic world